Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tripple Wave Water Slide

During the hot dog days of summer, my kids need a way to cool off. Now its always fun breaking out the garden hose for a little cooling down but sometimes that’s just not enough. Such is the case this past week when a heat wave took hold for the week. So off to the big box store I went in search of something fun for the boys to do.

The Triple Wave Water Slide was just what the doctor ordered.

What It Costs $19.95

Ease of use 4 Stars
Hooking up the Triple Wave Water Slide is not that hard. The garden hoses screws into the slide. The harder part is blowing the Triple Wave Water Slide up. To do that I used an electric air pump that I use to inflate air mattresses.

Actual performance 5 Stars
This is like a slip and slide but it has three lanes for racing fun. Small squirting streams of water go up the slide to keep it wet. It also has a small pool of water at the end of the slide to splash into. This also comes with three small inflate rafts to use on the slide.

Final thoughts on practicality
A couple of things that I never like. First the picture on the box is misleading. The actual product is much smaller then what the packaging indicates. As a result, larger children (8 or 9 years old) will probably be too large for it. You also need a place to put it on that does not have many rocks sticking up from the ground. Also if you leave this on the lawn for too long, you will kill the grass under the slide.

My boys like running through the squirting streams of water that shoot out from the slide. I could have used a sprinkler and gotten a better result, but they do like the rafts. In fact they have raft wars (smacking each other with them). I don’t think that’s how the inventors expected the rafts to be used.

Myself, I like to bust out the old school moves to impress the kids. I have the skipper (one foot on the slide, while saluting), the belly flop, and of course, the slip and fall.

Final Score
4 out of 5 stars

Would have gotten 5 stars if not for the deceiving image on the box.

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