Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you are like me, sometimes clutter in the garage can start to add up. Now I am a big fan of organizing my tools. I recently finished off the inside of my garage with insulation, sheetrock and pegboard. I then added wire shelving and organized my tools by function. I have an pegboard with electrical tools, another for painting, a third for plumbing, and a fourth for carpentry. I also have my power tools on the wire shelving organized for easy finding. Nothing drives me more insane then not being able to find the correct tool for the job at hand.

However my caveman organization skills stop with my tools. All other items in the garage seem to wind up on the floor in a pile. I like to call it the lost and never found again pile. Well a couple of weeks ago while looking at my organized tools and then the big pile, I decided to find a better way. So as always I went to my good friends at for inspiration.

"HyLoft Overhead Garage Storage system hangs from garage joists or ceiling to create a super-strong storage rack for all that stuff that used to waste floor space in your house, attic, basement or garage. It utilizes wasted space by storing large and oversize items overhead, freeing up space. Each unit holds up to 250 pounds of weight, tie straps for joining multiple units together are included. Made of durable steel with a steel wire gird and a scratch resistant white finish. Each unit is 45" x 45" with height adjustable from 16" to 28". Will not interfere with garage openers. Includes written instructions and an installation video with each purchase. "

What It Costs $99.95 & $25.95 Shipping and handling

Ease of use 3 Stars (using it is easy, installing it is harder)

Okay so Saturday comes and I scope out a corner of the garage to install my HyLoft. Good thing I have my Little Giant Ladder to help. After playing with the Little Giant Ladder trying to configure it into a super cool shape, I settle on breaking it out into two a frames and adding the scaffolding. SWEET!!!! Well that was fun but between moving the pile of that I want to put on the HyLoft, configuring the ladder, reviewing the installation video and laying out all the HyLoft parts, I have burned through the entire afternoon. Oh well There is always tomorrow….

Sunday afternoon comes and I start installing the HyLoft. The installation was not too bad and can be done by most people with time and a bit of patience.

I also got to use my stud finder (it always is beeps when I hold it) yea baby, I’m a stud!

It took a good 2 hours to complete the installation but I did waste some of that time playing with other tools that I have.

Actual performance 5 Stars (come on now, it's a shelf - how could it not get 5 stars)

A couple of things I like about the HyLoft is that it can configure in height from 16 inches to 28 inches. I set mine up for the full 28. The hyLoft also is white and matches the wire shelving for my tools. The bottom of the HyLoft is a grid so air can pass through for circulation. I like that feature as it helps me find things from down below.

Final thoughts on practicality

It’s a bit pricey but for my man cave, nothing but the finest will do. Besides it's a one time expense.

I even went down to the local big box and picked up some clear storage bins so that my HyLoft looks like the one in the following picture.

Installation can be tricky if you have a high ceiling in your garage and if you are not handy with tools, you may want to have your handy neighbor come over and help you install this. I find a pizza and some beer seem to help get the neighbor over.

One last peice of advice. Please don't overload the HyLoft with too much weight. The unit can hold up to 250 Lbs which should be enought for most homeowners.
Final Score
4 1/2 out of 5 stars


  1. Great article I like to see HyLoft storage units used and hear about how others are benefiting from them. Do you have any pictures of your garage? I would like to see them. Keep up the good work.

  2. the hyloft team... WOW. Thanks for stopping by. Love the product!!!!

    My son dropped my digital camera into the water a couple of weeks ago so I don't yet have a replacement. When I do, I will try to update this with some pics.


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