Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bacon Bowl

Say it with me… Bacon Bowl, Bacon Bowl, Bacon Bowl.

Now there are two things I know in this world. First is that Pepsi is better than Coke. The second thing is that everything tastes better with Bacon.

As per the product description.

“Wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the As Seen on TV Perfect Bacon Bowl. Place in the microwave or oven to cook the bacon and once it is ready, fill the bowl with your favorite ingredients to create a variety of stunning dishes. This kitchen tool is a great way to spruce up any egg dishes, BLT's, mac and cheese or burgers. You can even use this microwave bacon bowl, which also works in the oven, to make mini bread bowls for pizza bites, soups, stews and more. Place the durable Bacon Bowl into your dishwasher for easy cleanup. This versatile tool will be the ideal addition to your kitchen collection. Explore the culinary possibilities of the Bacon Bowl today.”

Price 9:98 plus tax

What could be better I think to myself, my hands shaking with anticipation as I wait on line to pay for my new Bacon Bowl. I rush home and open with great delight my newest acquisition. I must use it immediately!

First observation is that the package contains exactly two bacon bowls. If you are feeding the family, you will need more than one package or you will have to prepare the bowls in advance.

I hastily browse over the instructions and break out the bacon from the refrigerator. I apply the slices to the Bacon Bowl form and place in the product on a pan and insert into the preheated oven. The bacon slices hang over the form a bit but I don’t care. Then I wait. I whip up some scrambled eggs to place into my soon to be cooked delicious bowl of bacon.

Ding! The timer goes off and I remove the bacon bowl from the oven.  Hmmm. The bacon slices seem to have shrunk during cooking, leaving gaps between the delicious slices that form the bowl. Well its’ not actually a bowl, more of a misshapen mound of bacon in a quasi bowl form.

Upon further instructions there is a specific way to place the bacon, first in an X on the top and then 2 slices wrapped around the bowl fat side up. Apparently you are supposed to trim the excess bacon from the form. I try again but don’t have time to wait for the oven cooking so this time it’s going into the microwave. A few minutes later I have a crispy bacon bowl. And all the bacon grease is at the bottom of the bacon bowl form. So I say its healthier then frying the bacon.

I carefully pry it from the form with a plastic knife (as per instructions). It looks a bit odd but I fill it up with my eggs and bask at the greatness placed upon my plate.

Best of all, the bacon bowl is top shelf dishwasher clean. So this product is easy to use, easy to clean, and prepares the greatest of foods.. bacon.

4 out of 5 stars

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