Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Giant

For years I withstood it’s charms. So simple, so versatile, so strong. But NO, I will not I said to myself over and over. But eventually I gave in, I could not resist. I, a full blown infomercial addict once again have succumb. Curse you Little Giant and your cunning infomercial.

But in my own defense, who can resist a ladder that can fold and contort into 24 different configurations???? Now there are different sizes and options for this ladder so the price will change (i.e. increase) as you decide what options you want.

As so perfectly described..... "The most versatile adjustable ladder on the market.
No other ladder compares to the Little Giant Ladder when it comes to the ease of use, usable ladder positions, safety and quality workmanship.

Don't confuse the Little Giant's patented telescopic design with the cheaper 6-hinged folding ladders. The heavy duty Little Giant Ladder replaces several sizes of conventional and telescoping ladders and stepladders. Adjusts to fit safely on stairs and other uneven surfaces. Think of the space you'll save with only one versatile ladder to use and store instead of 3 or 4 ordinary ones. The Little Giant stores in only one forth of its fully extended height, comes complete with skid resistant feet, flared legs for improved stability and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.The Little Giant Ladder meets or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards, as well as complying with UL code.

· Replaces need for multiple ladders
· Telescopically adjustable in one foot increments, both in the stepladder position and extension position
· Heavy duty aluminum construction
· Pinched fingers are not a problem due to design and engineering.
· Tested at 1200 lbs. in every recommended ladder position.
· In the stepladder position, there are rungs on both sides of the ladder, so it can be used as a 2-man ladder.
Meets or exceeds OSHA's Type 1A, 300 lb rating for ladders,
Meets ANSI 14.2 requirements for ladders
Saves storage space
Five year warranty.
Made in the USA."

What It Costs $320 – 440 depending on the size.

I paid $359.95 for the Model 17. You can also break out the payments into 4 easy payments to lessen the bite of the cost. (FREE SHIPPING). Note that www, charges almost $40, so do like I did.

I got mine from (You can click on the Amazon ad at the top of my website for free shipping!!!!)

Ease of use 5 Stars
Sometimes there are areas where a normal ladder just wont due. The Little Giant is all that it claims to be and more. A straight ladder to lean onto a home to clean gutters, a normal A frame ladder to be used to change high light bulbs. The ladder has numerous options for use on stairs and un level ground. It even can be broken out to become two supports for scaffolding (sold separately of course).

The hardest part of using the Little Giant is its weight. At 35 lbs it is not the easiest thing to lug around. Fortunately it has a tip and glide feature to help (little wheels that you and maneuver the ladder on (on size ladders 17, 22 and 26)).

Configuring my ladder is a breeze. The problem I have is wasting time trying to origami the ladder into the coolest configuration when a more simple setup would suffice.

Actual performance 5 Stars
This might be too much of a ladder for some and at the cost, it is on the high end. However if you have to paint a stairway with high ceilings, this is the way to go. Like I said earlier, it’s a bit hard to lug around and the glider won’t help with lifting the ladder up a few flights of stairs.

Final thoughts on practicality
Unlike some of my smaller asseenontv purchases, this is not one that you can hide from the spouse. They will see the ladder in the garage. So its best to be upfront about it and purchase it, then when it comes, set it up to do a job that they want done. This way it’s a win win situation for all.

Heavy to haul up stairs, and with additions to the basic ladder, costly. But it does exactly what claimed. Probably the last ladder you will ever need. Be sure to select the correct size as an undersized ladder is an unsafe ladder.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with my old multi folding ladder......

Final Score
5 out of 5 stars

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  1. I bought a Keller brand 22' ladder from Lowes that does everything the little giant ladder does for $175.00. all aluminun, no cheap plastic. Very stable and easy to use. The down side is that it is very heavy (just like the little giant). Save some money and by a Keller. No shipping charges either :-)


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