Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twin Draft Guard

I live a busy life. Work, kids, there seems to be little time available. House chores always seem to be last on the list. Now I have a door connecting my garage to my kitchen and there is a draft coming from under it.

Normally that allows me to do man work. I planned to take off the door, remove the old weather stripping from under the door and replace it with new weather stripping. I love this type of project, not too hard, I get to use tools and I have a high success rate. Unfortunately for me one of my kids was sick so I could not take the door off of the hinge without freezing the downstairs of the home. Fortunately I found a solution…

From the folks at http://www.asseenontv.com/, The amazing patented Twin Draft Guard will help you to instantly insulate your windows and doors. Use the Twin Draft Guard all year round to block out cold, heat, noise or bad odors from the outdoors while keeping in that expensive heat or air conditioning. Twin Draft Guards are double sided to provide double air leak protection and move with the door when opening and closing. No more bending or repositioning!!
What It Costs $9.95 with shipping and handling charges of $6.95. I purchased mine at the local drug store.
Ease of use 5 Stars
The premise is simple enough (I always say that). You put the Draft Guard under your door and it blocks the cold air from blowing in (or heat from escaping).

Actual performance 4 Stars
What do you know, it works!!! But it’s not the best looking thing out there. Basically it’s two rolls of foam wrapped in felt.
Final thoughts on practicality
Proper insulation is necessary but some times you don’t have the time or skills to fix a problem. Think of the Draft Guard as a temporary fix and you won’t be disappointed.

It doesn’t block the entire draft but it’s a great improvement. It also slips from time to time and requires repositioning. This best works on smooth surfaces and doors with no high thresholds.

Some people have reported difficulties with this product due to their door width and length so be sure that it fits your need. Customization is limited to cutting down the foam to match the size door or window you have.

Final Score
3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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