Friday, May 30, 2008

Roll 'n Grow

Spring is in the air. Time to get the lawn ship shape. Now for me that’s almost an acre of property with some formidable hills, trees, and shoreline. I also have unique landscaping issues due to some new additions (my hot tub). What I need is some color but don’t have a green thumb. So what’s a modern caveman to do. I turn to my friends at for inspiration.

Roll 'n Grow, the new and easy way to have a beautiful garden without all the shoveling, raking and digging. Simply roll out and water the seeded mat that has over 2,000 premium selected flower seeds. Your garden will magically come to life with vivid colors and wonderful fragrances that will last all summer long! Made with 100% biodegradable materials, the 10' x 10" mat can be cut to fit any area. Perfect for gardens, borders, flower boxes, even flower pots.

What It Costs $19.95 & 6.95 Shipping and handling

Ease of use 5 Stars
I have just a spot where this would be perfect. As for ease of use, as the box reads, roll and go. Basically what you get is a biodegradable mat with seeds of wild flowers embedded. All you need to do is role it out and water. The mat is easy to cut to shape.

Actual performance 5 Stars
I first cut out a strip for my window planters, a quick yank removed the dead plants in it and I laid down my new roll and grow. Then I watered. I also put a nice strip of role and go along the side of my house by the hot tub. Easy to cut, easy to put into place. Just what I was looking for.

That was a few weeks ago and sure enough (with a bit of watering) I have little green things sprouting out from all over my role and go. No bare spots in my role and go. I am eagerly looking forward to 2000 flowers.

Final thoughts on practicality
Well to be honest, you don’t need role and go to plant these types of flowers. A quick trip down to the local garden center and you can pick up plenty of seed packages for around $1.00 each. Of course you would need to spread out the seeds. Role and go does that for you.

Is it worth the $25.00? It's a bit much but you do get the added convince of the padding. But don’t be deceived. A 10 foot mat (10 inches wide) does not cover that much in a garden or path area. Fortunately, lining a walkway can be easily accomplished by splitting up the 10 inches into 2 – 5 inch strips.

Final Score
5 out of 5 stars

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