Friday, June 1, 2007

Faraday Flashlight

Product Description
This weeks review comes direct from our friends at As a civilized caveman, I like light at night but I don’t always have two sticks to rub together to make fire. Besides, I have evolved and have found the next best thing. The Faraday Flashlight.

Now I know what you are thinking right now… The WHATTTT????

Basically it’s a flashlight that does not require batteries to work.
As described by our friends at, The Faraday Flashlight uses no batteries or bulbs. Instead it uses your energy and induction to produce a bright light using efficient LED technology. Just shake the light for about 30 seconds and the Faraday Flashlight will provide about 5 minutes of light. During prolonged use it can be shaken for 10-15 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes giving you an unlimited supply of light.

The Faraday Flashlight, the everlasting flashlight, requires no maintenance. You can leave it in your car, home, boat or RV for a long time and it will still be ready to produce light when you need it.

What It Costs $19.95 + shipping and handling.
Fortunately I got mine at the local drug store so I avoided the shipping cost.

Ease of assembly N/A
There is no assembly

Ease of use 5 Stars
The concept is simple enough, even for this caveman. Just shake the light back and forth for a bit and due to the Faraday principal, the shaking powers the light.

Right about now you are thinking to yourself, Hold on there. I am not a professor of science. What’s all this nonsense about Faraday and his principal…. Were they dating, was the principal his mentor??? What’s the deal?

Well don’t worry about it. Some times it’s just best to be uninformed.

Any ya ya, I know I used the wrong principal but it would not be much of a joke if I spelled it correctly...
And for all you evolved caveman, as defined from Wiki...
"The Faraday flashlight contains a super capacitor and charging mechanism that uses induction to power a high-intensity white LED array. Simply shaking the light for about thirty seconds provides about five minutes of light. Shaking the unit for 10 to 15 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes as necessary permits the device to be used continuously. This particular design of flashlight is documented in United States patent #6729744.

Inside the flashlight, a sliding magnet moves back and forth inside a solenoid, or a spool of copper wire. Current is induced through the loops in the copper wire to create a current per Faraday's law of induction. This charges a capacitor, which essentially acts as a short-term battery. To produce light, the capacitor powers an array of LEDs."

Actual performance 5 Stars

There are two things in life that I hate… First is Nuclear War. The second is trying to use my flashlight only to find out that my little cavemen have left it on draining the batteries. Usually I find out about the dead batteries when I need the light the most.

As promised by the folks, the light works. I shake the light forward and back for about 5 seconds before my oldest son takes it from me and starts shaking the flashlight. He is quite enamored with it and the smaller one is also fascinated. Now that does not surprise me as they are ALWAYS using my flashlights. Well soon enough the light is shining and the two of them run off into a closet to play with the light.

Final thoughts on practicality
I see that this would be really handy to keep in the glove compartment of the car for when the tire goes flat at night. It also can be good for camping or for emergencies such as a power failure. The only problem I have here is that my sons keep taking it out of the glove compartment of my car to play with it.

I guess I will be picking up a few more to keep around the home.

Final Score
5 out of 5

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