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Product Description
Moving… There are few things in life less enjoyable then packing up and relocating. Now I have moved from smaller caves to larger ones as my caveman family has grown. I have often gone down to the local UHaul or Ryder rental place and picked a truck to haul all my stuff. But now, the people at have another solution. Pods stands for Portable On Demand Storage. Basically its a shipping container that is dropped off at your home. You load it on your schedule then call the pods people and they pick it up and store it for you. Once you are ready, they deliver the storage unit at your new location. When empty, they come and pick it up.

What It Costs 2 – 8X8X16 pods - a few hundred dollars each
Prices of Pods vary depending on your location and where you are traveling too. Also storage costs of pods run on a monthly basis. They also offer a smaller sized pod.

Ease of assembly N/A
They drop it off and pick it up. There is no assembly

Ease of use 5 Stars.
Ease of use and moving furnature don't really go well together. However, I am reviewing the Pod service and not the actual effort in moving my furnature....
The driver delivers a pod unit to our home and has it positioned exactly where we asked it to be place. All in all it took about 20 minutes from the time he rang our doorbell until he left. He also arrived exactly when they said he would arrive.

Actual performance 5 Stars
I open the pod up and notice the unit is spotless clean. I begin to get a good feeling as in the past some of the rental trucks I have used have been less then clean. Also some of the rental trucks I have used in the past should not have been allowed on the road due to their poor condition. I have also previously used professional movers and was left with damaged and missing furniture. For me the pod seemed to be a good fit to save money and save me from having to drive an oversized truck with all my possessions around.

The pod has some unique features which are apparent when you enter the pod. First off is the roof. It is opaque so the unit is flooded with light so it is easy to load my stuff. There is no lighting in the pod so at night this feature won't help. The pod also has tie downs to help keep everything secure. The pod units are also water tight. One more important feature is the low profile of the pod entrance. When using a rental truck I would have to climb a ramp to get into the truck. Depending on what I was carrying, it would be difficult at times and dangerous at other times. With the pod that is not a problem. The pod sits right onto the ground so to get into the pod you only need to step onto the bottom of the pod (about 4 inches). This makes loading and unloading the pod easy.

Final thoughts on practicality
I like the pod option for moving stuff. First off I don’t have to drive a huge moving van. Secondly, I can load it at my leisure. With a rental truck I always felt the need to get it all packed in one day. With the pod I can take my time loading and unloading. This helps make the job of moving easier. If I get tired, I just stop for the day and pick up where I left off the next day. I also like the low profile step to get into the pod and the opaque roof that allows plenty of light into the unit. The pod people also will store my unit in a climate controlled facility.

Moving furniture is never easy but if you are going to do it yourself, check out pods.

One negative I have found is that the cost of getting a pod greatly increases with the distance you are moving to as well as your starting location. For the same two pods, my brother in law had an estimate of a few thousand dollars. This is due to the great distance that he is moving (New York to North Carolina (about 900 miles).

Also you can get insurance on the pod for a reasonable price. However this only covers the pod and not your stuff inside the pod. If you want to insure your stuff, pods will do that but it’s an additional cost. You might want to check with your insurance company as you may already be covered under your existing policy.

Final Score
5 stars out of 5
I was in a bit of a bind. My closing was scheduled for a Tuesday but the day before was a holiday. I also needed the weekend to finish packing so there was a chance that the Pod would still be on site after closing. This was not good. However, one of the Pods workers named Christian went out of his way on a holiday to come by and pick up my last pod so that I would not have any problems on the day of closing.
Now that is what I call EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

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