Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Product Description
My friends and family know a few things about me. Perhaps one of my strongest passion is regarding watches. I have a nice collection of watches ranging from the kick around Fossil, to my super high quality Citizen dive watches (I have both a digital and hand sweep). In fact, my older dive watch has been in almost every ocean on the planet. As a result of heavy use, I need to replace the band every few years. The last time I had a band snap on my digital dive watch, it cost me $80 to replace and much to my dismay, it is cracking again. There has got to be a better option so when the folks at ReviewMe asked me to do an "advertisement:" for I was intrigued. But I never review a product or service with purchasing so....

I clicked onto their web site and found that they have a large inventory of leather and Metal Bands. They even have tools to help replace batteries.

What It Costs $39.00 to replace my Citizen Rubber Watch Band, with Depth Scale. Shipping was $16.80

Ease of assembly N/A
It’s a watch band.

Ease of use 5 Stars
Their web site is setup logically enough, A navigator on the top and left side with a search bar. Being a caveman, I like simplicity. I typed in Citizen and the band I was looking for showed up.

Actual performance 4 1/2 Stars
The website checkout was easy enough and my watch band arrived as promised. Now this is the first time I actually purchased a watch band over the internet and I have to admit, I was concerned about receiving some kind of replica. This is because the cost was half of what I paid to have it previously replaced. Fortunately what I received was the real deal. The exact band that was originally on my watch. I also liked the fact that when I read a bit more I found out that the band came in 3 colors. I always thought it only came in black.
Final thoughts on practicality
Installing a watch band is not difficult (even for this caveman). Shipping was fast and I think I’m hooked on this website.

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