Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Active Sandals

Product Description
Boating season is upon us here in North Carolina and many people claim that Lake Norman located in NC is a boating paradise. It’s a large lake and hard to argue with these claims. As such, I needed to get some fashionable apparel for the boating and beach season. That is where the folks at http://www.active-sandals.com come in. I ran across their web site the other day while watching a show on my computer (yea yea, I know, GEEK!!!). Now I know this is an review website for television commercials but since I was watching Gilligans Island on the computer, I think this works... The other reason the name stuck with me is because ReviewMe asked me to do an “advertisement:” for the company. So I though to myself, let’s take a look. After all, even a caveman needs a good pair of Reef Sandals (or kicks as I like to call them) to get around in.

I clicked onto their web site and found that they have both Men and Women sandals. They stock Rainbow, Chaco, Keen, Medium, Cobian, Danskos, Crocs, HOLD ON THERE….. Did they say Crocs? When I think of Crocs, the name conjures up a fierce animal with teeth. Unfortunately, the Crocs they sell are for the feet…

What It Costs FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $75.00! and they ship nationwide (sorry for you folks in the UK) - They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on items they sell.

Ease of assembly N/A
It’s footwear. If you can snap a clasp or tie a shoe lace, your set.

Ease of use 4 1/2 Stars.

Their web site is setup logically enough, A navigator on the top and left side with a search bar. Being a caveman, I don’t have much fashion sense but I know what I like when I see it. Also being a caveman, I have a rather large foot. My cousin, Mr. Big Foot can never seem to find a shoe in his size (and I sympathize). I jump down to the Mens Navigator and start clicking away. What I need is a sandal that I can wear on the boat and wear when I jump off the boat and into the water. Soon enough I find what I need and in my size!!! (In fact they have many sizes larger then mine) I click on the add to cart and check out.

Actual performance 4 1/2 Stars
The website checkout was easy enough and my Chaco sandals arrived as promised. Now usually I have some reluctance purchasing shoes on the internet but took the chance due to their return policy.

Final thoughts on practicality
Comfort Comfort Comfort. I was surprised how comfortable the sandals were. And they fit also!!! So now I am styling while boating. Perhaps my kids might start to think their dad is cool…

Final Score
4 1/2 stars out of 5

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