Friday, June 15, 2007

Rocket Fishing Rod

Product Description
I live on a lake. A big lake. When I was a young caveboy, my father and uncle would take me fishing. Now that I have grown up, I do the same for my two cave boys. Now the moment my boys saw this advertised on tv, they wanted it. From our friends at, the Rocket Fishing Rod claims to cast with the touch of a button. From their website…

TV Offer–Not Available In Stores! Don't just cast – Blast 10, 20, 30 feet with the touch of a button. Fishing rocks with the Rocket Fishing Rod featuring rocket launch casting system, hi-tech engineering, a patented hook hiding bobber that hides the hook until it hits the water, a secret compartment for weights and lures and a safety release, so it only launches when you're ready! Fishing has never so fun and easy! No more crazy casting, just pump, aim, launch and hit your mark every time!
And it's pitched by Roland Martin, one of the most respected fishing experts of our time.

What It Costs $39.95 + shipping and handling.
The web site claims it’s a TV offer only. Rubbish (not the only time I will use this word in this review), this item is available EVERYWHERE. has it for $26.97.

Ease of assembly N/A
There is no real assembly here

Ease of use 0 Stars
The concept is simple enough, even for this caveman. Point and shoot. Of course you need to bait the hook and get it into the bobber. However the reality of this product is quite different.

Actual performance 0 Stars
Rubbish... This item fails on all levels.

They clam that you can cast up to 30 feet. Now first off, 30 feet is not very far in fishing terms. My best efforts yielded about 15 feet. Next the line tangled up in it on the third cast. The final straw was that the bobber would not drop the hook.

Final thoughts on practicality
Fishing is suppose to be fun, not aggravating. This product is rubbish, poorly made and due to its limitations, not very fun. I returned the two I got to the store the day after I got them. The return item counter person said that they get many of the rocket launcher’s returned.

Final Score
0 out of 5
And to Roland Martin... Shame on you for putting your good reputation to this product.

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