Monday, March 12, 2007

OneSweep Broom

Product Description
What’s this??? Another broom review. Sheesh you are going to start to think that my cave floor is all dirt…. A little while back I reviewed the Swiffer Sweeper and also the cordless shark. Now here I am writing about the One Sweep Broom. From the folks at Nothing Sweeps Better! (of course they are going to say that).

Unlike standard bristle brooms that have been around for hundreds of years, the OneSweep has been scientifically engineered to be the most advanced broom ever created. The OneSweep is constructed of indestructible space-age polymers with strategically placed bristle design. The OneSweep sweeps better than anything you’ve ever used before. The name says it all. OneSweep picks it all (dirt and dust) up in just one sweep. Nothing sweeps better.

Tough Yet Gentle!OneSweep is tough enough to clean ceramic tile, even concrete, without wearing down. OneSweep’s bristles are also soft enough for wood floors. Many people even use the OneSweep to remove snow from their cars without the fear of leaving a hair line scratch on the car’s paint. It’s truly amazing!

What About Pets?If you have a dog or cat, you know how difficult it is to remove pet hair from carpet. NOTHING does this better than OneSweep. The special bristles work with static electricity so pet hair jumps onto OneSweep. You’ll clean up pet hair in seconds!
Scrub and Squeegee... It Even Does Windows!Does your floor need a good scrubbing? Don’t get down on your hands and knees! With a little soap and water, OneSweep is the best scrub brush you’ve ever used. With the 56” handle, you can now stand while you scrub. There’s even a built-in squeegee to dry surfaces off. Window cleaning has never been easier.

Ease of assembly 5 Stars
It’s a broom, not rocket science. Just screw the handle onto the broom head. So easy even a caveman can do it.

What It Costs $9.95 + $6.95 shipping (as usual if you order online you get your choice of a fabulous gift (you still need to pay shipping and handling on the gift)

Ease of use 4 Stars
The OneSweep Broom is designed as multipurpose broom, with rubber fingers on one side and a squeegee on the other side. The handle of the broom is a standard height of 4’ 8”. That’s a bit low for me so I went down to the Home Depot and picked out a slightly longer one.

Actual performance 2 1/2 Stars
I had the OneSweep prior to my Swiffer or Shark. I got the Swiffer and Shark because the OneSweep did not get the job done. To be honest, this does an okay job on sawdust. The squeegee is fair at best. The rubber fingers are rugged enough to last a long time (as I have had mine for quite some time now). Of course since I use it in the garage you probably have figured that I have given up on using this inside the home. The rubber fingers let dust through as they are not spaced as close as a whisk broom. The asseenontv folks show the broom cleaning up spills with the squeegee but I have found that if the spill is on tile, the liquid still stays in the grout cracks.

The asseenontv people also show the OneSweep Broom cleaning up pet hair. Now here the OneSweep Broom shines. I had a husky and he would shed capacious amounts of hair twice a year. The broom would neatly gather up the hair on wooden and tile floors. Carpeting would still require a bit more work. Was cleaning up the dog hair with the OneSweep easier then breaking out the vaccum? Not really.

Final thoughts on practicality
As a shop broom it is good for doing the large cleanup. However residual will remain and require you to still vacuum. I did not like the squeegee (perhaps I’m not a squeegee type of person). I have not tried the squeegee on my windows (I am more of a miracle cloth window cleaner). However this has lasted a long time so it is rugged enough to take some abuse.

Final Score
3 stars out of 5

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