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Product Description
I love this commercial and I like hard boiled eggs. I also like slicing hard boiled eggs and placing them into my salads. However I do not like removing the shell of the egg.

From the people at
Eggstractor Egg Peeler is the amazing new revolutionary egg peeler! Tired of peeling eggs?.........Not anymore! Simply place a hardboiled egg into the Eggstractor Egg Peeler, and out pops your peeled egg. It's that easy! For snacks, parties, meals, fast food, and fun food. It's quick easy and convenient. Also included with the Egg Peeler is a free Egg Slicer and recipe book! You will have perfectly sliced eggs every time!

Ease of assembly 5 Stars
The white accordion top part of the eggstractor needs to be placed on top of the base.

What It Costs $14.95 + shipping and handling (I got mine at the CVS convenience story so I don’t have the website shipping and handling charge)

Ease of use 2 1/2 Stars
For the eggstractor to work you must follow the following instructions….”Simply place raw eggs in a metal pot with enough water to cover the eggs, add a breeze of salt and turn up the heat. Wait until water boils ( big bubbles ) start your timer and leave eggs boiling for 5 minutes. Drain the water and poor cold water over the eggs or even better place eggs into a container with ice water and let them cool down for 15 seconds. Then puncture a little hole in the top of the egg using the pin on top of the Eggstractor Egg Peeler and then crack the egg slightly on the bottom. Place egg in Egg Peeler, put bellow over it and give it a little push and wolllllaaaa here is the perfectly peeled egg.”

So you need two pots of water, ice and some salt. No big deal but I do not like the idea of putting my nicely cooked eggs into cold water.

Actual performance 2 1/2 Stars
With the anticipation of attempting to eat many eggs, ala one of my favorite movies “Cool Hand Luke”; I went to my local buy in bulk warehouse store (BJ Wholesale’s) and picked up about 30 eggs. I wait for the kids to go to sleep as this is the quite time in my home. A time when a man can think and contemplate the finer nuances of life. All while making enough eggs to feed a firehouse without arousing suspicion… So I break out the big soup pot and fill er up!!! Now they say a watched pot never boils, but soon enough my water is boiling with the big bubbles. I start dropping my 30 eggs into the water and set the timer.

DING!!!!! The timer goes off…. Egggggcellent, old fashioned eggggcellent. My big dog comes into the kitchen as the timer is his signal that food is being made. I remove my 30 eggs and place each one lovingly into another pot of ice water. LET THE EGGSTRACTING BEGIN!!!!

I gently pierce the shell of the first egg and position it in the eggstractor. With one mighty push the egg completely is removed from the shell!!!! However I pushed so hard that the egg rolls off of the counter and my dog eats it in mid air. Hmmm, thats 1 for him. Reflecting on this I notice that the picture shows the eggstractor being used on a plate. I figure out that the plate keeps the eggs on the counter and away from my dog. I grab a plate and place the eggstractor ontop of it.

I take the second egg and pierce the shell, place it onto the eggstractor and push. Blamo!!!! Egg shrapnel everywhere. This egg blew apart. I place the plate onto the floor and Sparky (who is now very attentive) gets his second egg of the night. I grab a new plate and continue. Eventually my dog has eaten his fill of eggs and just lays there looking at me with brown eyes begging me to stop.

In total I got about 10 eggs to leave their shell and remain intact. Most of them blew apart. Perhaps I was doing something wrong. I put the good eggs into the fridge and make egg salad out of the smashed 13. Now if you are doing your math, that makes 7 eggs for Sparky.

Final thoughts on practicality
If you are making egg salad, this is a good product as you don’t need perfectly extracted eggs. If you were going to be making deviled eggs, then you might just want to do it the old fashioned way. I did enjoy using the eggstractor and it did remove the eggs from the shells. However it was not consistent in results.

I also did not like having to soak the eggs in cold water. If I wanted a hot hard boiled egg, why would I want to soak it in cold water?

Would I use the eggstractor again? Perhaps when I am getting ready to have a party and need to mush a buch of eggs. Perhaps I will leave the eggs out and let my guests have some eggstractor fun.

Besides I enjoyed the cave man aspect of forcing the egg out of the shell. And Sparky my dog has completely recovered from his late night feast and is up for another egg feeding.

Final Score
2 stars out of 5

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