Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Kaboom Toilet Cleaner

Product Description
Billy Mays has done it again. A wonder cleaner that promises me that I will never need to scrub my toilet again (yea... me scrub a toilet - it would loose all of its character).

From the people at http://www.kaboomkaboom.com/index.m

The new Kaboom NeverScrub!® attaches easily out of sight within your toilet tank and provides powerful stain cleaning continuously for up to 3 months.

Easy to install – takes less than 1 minutes
Prevents rust and hard water stains
Safe for septic systems
Wont harm tank parts
Cleans completely, even under the rim.

Ease of assembly 3 Stars
Now this appeals to me not only because I like a clean bathroom but also because I get to take the lid off of my toilet to hook this up. Kaboom attaches to your water discharge line inside your toilet. I know what you are saying, Hold on now, I am not a plumber. No worries, this hooks up easier then a call girl at fleet week. I wonder if Billy will be annoyed that I just use the phrase call girl in reference to his toilet cleaner???

In the above picture I show how it hooks up. It works in a similar way to some of the old fashioned blue toilet cleaners.

What It Costs $FREE + shipping and handling
or $4.99 at the store.

Why, Billy, Why? If you click on the Try It Free option on the above web site, Billy pitches you a "fantastic" deal. Get 2 extra Kabooms for $9.98 each + shipping and handling. I click no. Then Billy tries to get me to purchase 1 extra Kaboom. I click no. Then Billy tries to make me join the never scrub again club. Apparently he does not know that I am already a part of that club (much to my wife’s distain). I click no and then Billy pitches never scrub refills. I click no and Billy pitches 2 Kabooms squirt bottles. Way too much annoyance. All I wanted was the Kaboom Toilet cleaner. I close the web site and pick it up at the local store.

Ease of use 5 Stars
If you can flush, you can use Kaboom.

Actual performance 4 Stars
Well I hooked it up and test it (flushed the toilet). The toilet operates properly. Thats good, no flooding or problems. Billy claims that you never have to scrub again. That’s not entirely accurate. But after 2 weeks of testing, Kaboom has helped keep the toilet clean.

Final thoughts on practicality
Think of Kaboom as a maintenance product to help minimize toilet gunk. Kaboom won’t get the top rim of the toilet clean as the toilet water with Kaboom does not touch the top of the toilet (and if it did, you would an overflowing toilet – a much larger problem).

Final Score
4 Stars
I Can't give Kaboom 5 stars because they claim you never have to scrub the toilet again. Thats not true. Kaboom also does not clean the entire toilet. I also did not like the repetitive pitches from the web site as I tried to purchase this product online.


  1. I too purchased the very loudly touted NeverScrub Refillable Self-Cleaning Toilet Kit four weeks ago. I cleaned the toilet thoroughly before installing. Now, four weeks have passed and my toilet is disgusting with rust stains that are impossible to scrub out. There's a crusty rim at the water line.
    So not only has this product NOT kept my toilet clean there's a nasty rust stain that I will have to get down on my knees to try to scrub out.

  2. I loved the toity cleaner for a few months until I needed to install a refill. The "O-ring" seal was soft and did not hold, and the refills do not come with a new one. I've been returing the old units to the store whenever the O-ring stops sealing- What Junk!!

  3. I am getting ready to refill mine so I will check the O-ring and let everyone know if mine are bad. If it is, I will be lowering my 4 star rating.

    Thanks for visiting and thanks for taking the time to give your experience with this product.

  4. Same problem with the o-ring on 2 out of 3 units. I went to install the first refill after about 3 months and the o-ring had swollen, split, and made it very difficult to unscrew the cap to insert the refill. Had to use a kitchen jar opener to unscrew the cap; could not unscrew it by hand (my hands are far stronger than average). Off to the hardware store for some o-rings. I'll try coating them with petroleum jelly before installing.

  5. It worked great until I forgot to refill. I now have a black something (mold,fungus,or crystal)growing where the water comes into the bowl. I have tried everything to get rid of it. I never had this problem before using kaboom. Any suggestions out there of what this is and how to kill it? I am constantly cleaning my toilet now.

  6. This black stuff is probably residue from the black rubber stopper and/or
    tubes as they degrade.

    The cleaner probably hastened the process. It's impossible to find anything that cleans well that doesn't degrade the black rubber

  7. come on guys figure it out any rubber in water and cleaning productswill dry out and crack so to fix that little problem take vaseline and put it on the rubber gasket i did that 3 years ago and a couple of times since and never had that problem.My problem is that i can't find the refills in the stores in Calgary anymore if some one could tell me which store carries it i would buy a case as it works great in my house i have 3 working but no refills.Thanks Dale

  8. cvs.com!!! for neverscrub refills!

    it's also NEW and IMPROVED. I was reading reviews and it seems people are confused with the Scrub Free, NOT NeverScrub.


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