Friday, March 2, 2007

Laser Level

Product Description
Tools, now here is a subject I have a fair bit of knowledge about. The only thing better then low tech smashing tools like my sledge hammer are high tech laser tools. From the people. Now you can affordably harness the benefits of laser assisted leveling!

The Laser Level allows you to project a powerful laser beam over 1500 feet to hit a specific point. You can tell immediately if floor tiles or wall hangings are lined up straight. 12 inch laser level has large vertical and horizontal indicator bubbles, handy lens refractor shows line or dot image, two rulers.

Anytime you need to level or line something up you’ll reach for this tool. A fantastic value on a tool every handyman will want. This is the original product not a cheap imitation. Meets all FDA Laser standards. Beware imitations. Has 2 rulers: inches and metric (centimeters) This quality machined aluminum straight line level is 16 inches long.

Install Ceiling Tile
Align Shelves
Hang Pictures
Build A Level Wall
Install Flooring
Home Inspectors
Interior Designers

Ease of assembly 5 Stars
You need to insert a battery into the level.
What It Costs $9.95 + shipping and handling ($7.43 for express shipping /$4.95 for regular shipping) (you get a bonus gift if you order online but have to pay shipping and handling on the gift)

Ease of use 4 Stars
Normally I don’t care if my projects turn out level. Well that’s not true….. I do care and already have a big 4ft level, some small torpedo levels, a water bubble level and a super laser level with tripod and cool red glasses. But one can never have enough tools. As a result, I was given this level as a gift. For ease of use, it’s a level, put it on a surface, check the bubble (not rocket science).

Actual performance 4 1/2 Stars
This level has its nich in the tool world. It works in places where you can’t use your larger level. It’s a perfect size for shelves and pictures. As with most levels, there is a vertical and horizontal bubble for reference.

Now Dr. Evil was not able to get his laser on the shark heads but the folks over at have managed to place a small led laser in the front of this level. This allows you to project a dot onto a surface or if positioned correctly, a red level mark along a wall.

Final thoughts on practicality
A good level for hanging shelves or pictures. As for the laser, caution must be taken as it can pose a danger if shined directly into a persons eyes. Naturally my 2 little cavemen love to turn it on and try to look at it. So this is defiantly not a tool that kids should play with. Then again, kids should not be playing with any tools. As for practicality, I have not found the laser particularly useful. Lets say you wanted to transfer the level of a surface of a cabinet across the room. You place the level on the cabinet and turn on the light. A dot appears across the room. You would think you are done but you are not. Is the cabinet completely level? If it's off even the slightest bit, the dot projected location will deviate from the true height when shown on the wall. As a regular bubble level, it works perfect. It also makes a good straight edge for drawing on wood and tile and has a ruler on the side in both standard and metric.

Another problem with this level is that there is no practical way to raise or lower the level in a horizontal position. Most dedicated laser levels have a tripod that allow you to do this.
So for the person that needs a small level for the shelf or picture handing project, this tool might be right for you.
Final Score
4 stars out of 5

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