Monday, February 26, 2007

Lionel Railroad Crossing Coin Bank

Product Description
This was given to my older son as a holiday gift. From the website, Standing over 4 feet tall, the Lionel® Railroad Crossing Coin Bank features authentic-looking RAILROAD CROSSING, STOP signs and two flashing red signals. Just insert a coin into the Lionel® Railroad Crossing Coin Bank and watch the signal lights flash red and the whistle sound. And, best of all, the signpost is clear plastic so your kids can actually see their money grow! They'll be absolutely thrilled by this one-of-a-kind bank! Battery Operated with replaceable bulbs.

• Over 4 Feet Tall
• An Authentic Reproduction
Of Traditional Railroad Sign
• Realistic Railroad-Crossing
Signal Lights and Sounds
• Works With All U.S. Coins
• Clear Plastic Body Lets Your Children
Watch Their Savings Grow
Lionel® Railroad Crossing Coin Bank

What it costs $29.95 (plus $9.95 shipping and handling)

Ease of assembly 1 Star
This product falls into the some assembly required category. Unfortunately assembly is not that easy. The parts did not fit together well and it took some time to get it all correct. This bank also requires 3 AAA batteries which of course are not included.

Ease of use 5 Stars
Drop a coin into the bank and watch the lights flash and hear the train noises. As you drop in coins, you can see your coins in the bank so it helps reinforce saving money.

Actual performance 0 Stars
Wow a zero star rating! On the surface it seems like a nice item for my little train conductor in training. Unfortunately, the product is of such low quality that it broke within the first day of use. Now this is targeted to kids so you would expect it to be able to withstand a small amount of kid abuse. This was not the case. My 3 year old knocked it over (while walking by it he bumped into it as all 3 year olds have a tendency to bump into things) and the flashing lights portion broke off. I guess if there is 20 lbs of pennies in the bank that might not happen but when empty, it is easily knocked over.

Final thoughts on practicality
It’s a bank, it’s a BIG bank. It’s a $42.93 bank when you add shipping and handling. If I took that $42.93 and actually put it into a real bank that money would help send my son to college. Now I like train stuff, I had a train track in my room when growing up. However, I am unimpressed with this bank. Cheaply made, poor assembly instructions, and over priced.

Final Score
0 stars out of 5

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