Friday, February 2, 2007


Product Description
Viacom must be making a fortune off of the Floam commercials. They are on constantly.

Kids building castles, dinosaurs, all kinds of interesting items with their Floam. My 6 year old son loves this commercial, and loves his floam. From the website… Floam is made of special, tiny micro beads that stick to one another to form anything you want. It's safe, non-toxic and can be used over and over again. Kids LOVE Floam! It sticks to most anything, but can be easily removed - so parents love it too. You can even mix the colors of Floam together to create a rainbow of colors. There's nothing like it! Features: Micro Beaded Moldeing fun Floam Sticks to almost anything Fun to wear Non toxic There's nothing like Floam. What will you Get? 4 Assorted Large Tubs of Floam.

What it costs $14.99

Ease of assembly N/A

Ease of use 5 Stars
The hardest part of using Floam is opening up the plastic jars it comes in. Once you open it up, the fun begins.

Actual performance 5 Stars
When you open your Floam containers the first thing you notice is the texture. It is kind of slimy but still firm. You reach in and scoop out (more like break off) a chunk of Floam. Its hard not to take a moment to just squish it between your fingers. Floam is firm enough to mould into shapes, and that’s what you do with it. Now in the commercials, they show a perfect replica of a dinosaur. And yes you can do that if you are an artist, but for the rest of us, we need some help. And since Floam sticks to things you put it on, you can take that plastic dinosaur and turn it into a Floam creation by covering it. When done, you can peal off your Floam and put it back into the jar for the next time the kids (or you) want to play.

You can also leave the Floam onto the toy and it will harden. My son has made Christmas tree ornaments with Floam. I had forgotten about them until we went to setup the tree this year and he reached into the box of decorations and came out with them (he also had a brimming smile having found them).

Final thoughts on practicality
Floam is Fun. It is easy to clean up and kids like to play with it. Floam will eventually dry out (even in its containers). If you are a do it yourself type of person, you can actually make Floam. The recepie is not too difficult. Here is a website with the instructions

Final Score
5 stars out of 5

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