Thursday, February 8, 2007

Grease Bullet

Product Description
I hate dirty dishes and worse then dirty dishes are greasy dishes so when I saw the Grease Bullet commercial I was hooked. From the website…

Grease Bullet is the Ultimate Cookware Cleaner. Just fill your sink with hot tap water, drop in the Grease Bullet, and soak your toughest baked on cookware.In just minutes, it will sparkle like new, inside and out, without scrubbing!The Grease Bullet cuts thru caked on cookie sheets, grimy glassware, even scorched iron skillets!Grease Bullet is armed with enzymes that eat away baked on grease and grime, making your cookware look like new again. It’s the non-toxic cleaner that’s tough on grease, but easy on your hands.
The Grease Bullet Includes: A 30 day money back guarantee.12 Grease and Stain Remover tablets. Bullet shape container.

What it costs $9.99 (for 12 tablets)
You can get this product in stores or online. If you order online, there is a shipping charge but they will give you a fabulous gift for ordering! (Quick Silver Lightning tarnish remover plate)

Ease of assembly N/A

Ease of use 3 Stars
First you need to have an empty sink. That’s a problem when I cook as the dishes pile up. However, for this I put most of the dishes on the counter (above my dishwasher).

Actual performance 0 Stars
Wait a minute, in the ease of use section I said that I have a dishwasher. Why do I need the grease bullet if I have a dishwasher? I DON’T KNOW, but I do love the commercial…

Anyway, so I fill my sink with hot tap water, and as per the instructions drop in the grease bullet. Almost immediately the sink water starts to change to a bubbly white substance (soap???). I drop my pan into the water and wait, and wait, and wait. Apparently the commercial does not tell you that you need to wait 30 minutes for this to work. Well that gives me time to put the other dishes into the dishwasher…

Finally the half hour is up. I lift out my pan with hopes of a mirror reflection…. Unfortunately the pan looks remarkably similar to what I put in the water. In short, IT DID NOT WORK. Back in for another 1/2 hour but still little change when I remove the pan.

Saddened and bewildered by the betrayal of a TV commercial, I quietly drain the water and put the pan into my dishwasher to clean with the rest of my dishes. Once my dishwasher was done, the pan was clean. Now they claim you can also use the Grease Bullet in the dishwasher, but why bother? The dishwasher got the pan clean witout the Grease Bullet.

As for the remaining Magic Bullets, I place them under the sink in the back corner with my goo be gone and other products that don't work (yet I can't throw out).

Final thoughts on practicality
You need an empty sink and ½ hour of waiting time. I usually don’t have either when I finish cooking. Perhaps the grease on my pan was some sort of super grease, impervious to the magic of the Grease Bullet. I will stick with my dishwasher.

Final Score
0 stars out of 5

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