Saturday, January 6, 2007

Showtime Six Star Cutlery Set

Product Description
From the, the Ronco Showtime Six Star Cutlery Set by Ron Popeil makes a fantastic gift! This high-quality stainless steel cutlery set has all of the knives a home will ever need and is designed for the ultimate in performance, quality, and durability.
Just a side note - I do not know if is affiliated with Ronco ( The price of the set of knives is the same on both web sites.

Product Features:
• All of the knives feature full tang impact-resistant riveting
• Perfectly balanced
• Made of the best high carbon stainless steel
• Lifetime guarantee
• 25-piece set includes: 22 knives, carving fork, poultry shears, and knife sharpener

What it costs $39.99

Ease of assembly N/A

Ease of use 5 Stars
Just pick the correct knife for the job. The only tears I shed when chopping onions now are tears of joy (I always wanted to say that!!!)

Actual performance 5 Stars
This was a Christmas gift I received. The knives come boxed and each knife is sheathed in a cardboard sleeve. There is an old saying, "a dull knife will cut you". No worries with this set as they are super sharp.

These knives are great and perfect for the chef or chef in training. You can also get the optional knife block to display your purchase proudly on your counter for an additional $30. Having children, I keep my set safely locked away in a kitchen draw with a child lock firmly in place. The steak knives get the most use, but I also like the chop and serve knife as well as the bread knife. For carving, I usually use my old electric knife but the six star carving knife tugs at the heart of my caveman sole. As a bonus, Ron throws in the solid food injector for free (I have not used the solid food injector yet). There is also a poultry shears that comes with the set. I use the shears mostly for cutting open my food saver bags (see my earlier review about the vacuum food saver and how the bags are tough as a rhino). The set also comes with a knife sharpener.

Final thoughts on practicality
Good quality knife set. In fact the only knife set you will need if you purchase this set.
I have one minor issue that I am sure Ron will address when he reads this…. When I use the steak knives, and put them down onto the counter or into my knife draw, they some times turn blade up because the back of the knife is flat. This poses a cutting hazard. If the back of the knife was just slightly curved, this would not happen.

A great gift and you can also get the knife set in white.

Final Score
5 stars out of 5


  1. They are perfect when they come out of the box, although they seemed to have a lightweight blade. But I have had mine 6 years, and only 3 are left and only 2 are completely rust free. I have one that the handle is cracked, and although the knife tang goes all the way through the handle, the rivets are rusting. The bread knife is about the best. The paring knife didn't even last a year. China's stainless leaves a lot to be desired. I have a $25 Pampered Chef knife that I've had for 8 years and it is in primo condition, great quality, hefty blade. I guess for the money, for a FEW years service, they'll do, but don't expect years and years of service.

  2. What happen to the life time warranty?


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