Thursday, January 4, 2007

Food Saver

Product Description
This is in my top 10 infomercials. The foodsaver allows you to purchase whole cows and keep them fresh..... Err, no that's not right. The foodsaver allows you to keep food fresh by sealing them into special bags (that you purchase from foodsaver). On the infomercial I love the part when they make the marshmallows shrink in the container!!!
From their website... Keep food fresh up to five times longer with America's #1 home vacuum packaging system. Visit for usage tips, recipes and more and to view the complete line of FoodSaver products.
What it costs $129.99
Ease of assembly 5 Stars
There are multiple models available, some of them have the roll for the bags right inside the machine. If you have this type of model, just drop the roll in and you are ready to go.
Ease of use 5 Stars
To start you need to make a bag by sealing one end of the roll. Simple enough (and fun to do with the kids. Then you roll out the length of the bag and cut it off. Again depending on the model, there may be a cutter right on the foodsaver to do the cutting. Then you put your food in and then slip the open end into the foodsaver, lock the side tabs and start to seal. The air is sucked out and the bag sealed tight. there is also attachments for sealing cans and you can also get canisters that are designed to work with the foodsaver.
Actual performance 5 Stars
This is a great product especially if you buy in bulk at warehouses. No more freezer burns on meats if you take a few minutes when you get home to seal them with the foodsaver. Also the bags are dishwasher safe so cut them a bit long so you can reuse them. You can also store items for camping such as matches, flares, etc. (you need to make sure you can cut the bag open as they are tough as a rhino skin).
Final thoughts on practicality
I only have minor issues, the first is the typical out of site, out of mind problem. I don't use the machine for leftovers as it is stored in a cabinet and a hassel to get out.

The infomercial also shows them saving bulk cheese. However the cheese in the infomercial is NOT SLICED. If you go to the trouble of slicing up 5 lbs of cheeze and then try to seal it, the cheese will once again join together (and you know how frustrating separating cheese slices can be). So seal the cheese un sliced.

A great gift with plenty of add-ons that you can get. However you need to purchase all supplies from foodsaver and unlike the Rotozip, these are not so inexpensive. Still if you save one or two meats by vacuum packing them, then the cost is offset.
Final Score
5 stars out of 5


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