Monday, January 1, 2007

Rotozip Spiral Saw

Product Description

This is one of my favorite infomercials. From the Home Depot website… The Rotozip spiral saw kit includes RZ5 spiral saw, Zipmate ZM2 Cutting attachment, bit accessory pack, bit case, masonry cut-off wheel, metal cut-off wheel, dry diamond cut-off wheel, and tool bag. Features include a dust sealed switch for long life; wrenchless bit change for fast and easy bit changes; Improved body design with soft grip & detachable handle. Manufactured by the Bosch company (a name well respected in the tool industry)

What they claim it does
Easily cut through brick, concrete, metal, sheetrock, tile, wood, and anything else you can think of.

What it costs $99.97

Ease of assembly 3 Stars
You need to be familiar with power tools to really use this. There is an instruction manual that explains how to use each accessory. It is important to thoroughly read and understand the instructions. Eye protections is mandatory. Ear protection would also be a something to consider.

Ease of use 5 Stars
This is not your ordinary cordless screwdriver. This is one kick but tool. You need a firm grip as the tork from this tool is strong. (kind of like holding a gyroscope). This tool slices through steel (any anything else you put in front of it) without batting an eye. You definitely need eye protection as the grinding wheels throw up quite a light show from the sparks when cutting steel (as any grinding attachment would). I have used this tool more times then I can recall. Cleaning out old grout, cutting off locks, sanding and cutting wood. Making electrical box openings in sheetrock, etc.

Actual performance 4.5 Stars
This is a great specialty tool. As with most spiral bit cutters, making a straight line is difficult. The power of this tool is a bit intimidating and my wife won’t use it. I mostly use the cutting tool (grinder attachment) to cut through tile, metal, and sand wood. As with most spiral bits, they snap often wich is not much of a problem since they are really inexpensive. So you should stock up on them so you have them when needed. Replacement grinding, and sanding wheels also are quite affordable. This is nice since many products soak you on additional parts. You can also find the bits and grinding wheels at most hardware stores.

A neet little feature is the sanding wheel. It has 3 holes in the pads that line up with 3 hole where the pads attach. I did not know why they did that until I turned it on. When spinning the holes provide a perfect view of what you are sanding (don't ask me how).

Final thoughts on practicality

The Rotozip will be forever on my must have tool list. This is a handy tool that can do those little jobs that frustrate the weekend warrior. Broken tile, no problem, rusted on lock, no problem. Sheetrock, “forgetaboutit”. Cutting access panels into you car floor bed, done deal. Cutting cooper pipes, easy. But extreme caution needs to be used. Treat this tool with the up most respect and it won’t let you down. I used this to clear out old grout in my kitchen floor during a recent renovation. Did a great job but WOW the dust storm caused was quite a site. This would get a 5 out of 5 rating if not for the intimidation factor of it. It is not for the faint of heart. Also cutting with the spiral bit can be frustrating if you need an exact straight line.

Final Score

4 1/2 stars out of 5

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