Friday, December 29, 2006

Shark Cordless Sweeper

Product Description
From the Office Depot website - The Shark Next Generation Intelligent Sweeper features a wide 13" cleaning path and 3-speed electronic control designed for superior all-surface cleaning. The wall-hugging design of the side brush gets into corners and grabs dirt along the walls. The easy steering swivel head provides excellent maneuverability. The telescoping handle allows for easy conversion into a hand-held sweeper that is ideal for stairs. The unique brush-roll system propels messes straight into the dust tray, wet or dry. Instantly available, no bags, filters, cables hoses or dirty exhaust air. The low profile with long reach allows you to clean difficult-to-reach areas under furniture. Cordless design allows for a 60-minute cleaning time, then just recharge it.

What they claim it does

Easily clean up messes without the need to break out the heavy vacuum.

What it costs $59.99

Ease of assembly 3 Stars

You need to assemble the handle, insert the dust tray, and charge the unit prior to use. I had some minor difficulties getting the handle assembled. Perhaps it was just my model as it was a little difficult getting the top handle to insert into the poles.

Ease of use 5 Stars

Simple, enough, just unplug the unit from the cord that it charges with and tap on the power button with your foot. The sweeper bottom pivots so you can reach into those hard to get places (like under the bed).

Actual performance 4 Stars

It does a great job getting the dog hair on my wood floor. The sweeper is only .05 horse power so it is not a replacement for a regular vacuum cleaner. It is light weight enough that you might want to try it on your stairs. This is a bag less system and the dust tray pulls out for easy cleaning. However, if you have dust allergies, handling the tray may cause you irritation.

Final thoughts on practicality
This is an electric sweeper, not a vacuum. It cannot replace your vacuum and really shines for those quick clean ups. I keep it continuously plugged into charge when not in use so that it is always ready to go. I found that if I did not do that, when I needed it, the unit would not have any power. That’s not because of the unit, but rather the unit being used often and the battery just running down.

Final Score
4 stars out of 5

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