Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Product Description
This was heavily advertised on tv prior to Christmas and turned out to be a gift from Santa to my older son.

From the Fisher-Price web site, Here’s a real digital camera that’s tough enough–and easy enough–for kids to use. What a perfect way for kids to get creative by taking, viewing and even printing their own digital pictures!

The Kid-Tough™ Digital Camera features:
1.3” color LCD preview screen that lets kids instantly see the pictures they’ve taken;
Two-eye viewing which makes it easy to look through the viewfinder;
Sturdy, dual handgrips for a steady shot;
Big buttons that make it easy for little hands to use;
Controls are simple for kids to understand – no reading required;
Best of all, it’s built with a durable, kid-tough™ design.

Additional features include:
Built-in auto flash;
Stores over 60 pictures, with 8 MB built-in memory;
SD memory card slot for increased storage capacity (SD card sold separately);
640 x 480 resolution;
USB cord for computer connection;
CD of digital camera software;
Wrist strap.

Camera compatible with Windows 2000 or higher and MacIntosh.

Camera is approx. 5½" W x 4" H.

What it costs $60.00 to $90.00 (so shop around)

Ease of assembly 2 Stars
You need to install the memory card as well as batteries. As with all digital cameras, you must also load the necessary software to a computer.

Ease of use 3 Stars
This needs to be broken out into camera use and downloading of the images into the computer.

A simple button turns it on and one button takes the picture. It's shape is like a viewmaster so the child can look through the camera or use the digital display to see what he or she is taking a picture of. So for ease of use for the kids, 5 stars.

However, downloading the pics to a computer is more difficult and not something a child will be able to do on their own. Also the interface is not the best. So for ease of use for the adults, 2 stars.

Actual performance 2 1/2 Stars
I am pretty good with computers but could not get the software to load on my desktop computer (pentium4, running xp pro, 2048 mb ram, 500 gb hd). I was able to load it to my Dell laptop (pentium 4, xp pro, 2048 mb ram, 120 gm hd).

As for ease of use, my three year old loves it and has taken many pictures of his Thomas The Train. This camera is tough enough to take drops and abuse that a child will dish out.

As for quality of the picture, it leaves much to be desired (620 x 480 resolution). However, now that my kids have their own digital camera, I don't have to lend them mine providing peace of mind knowing that they are not going to drop my camera. The camera turns itself off when not used to save the batteries. The camera is also light enough for kids to carry around.

Final thoughts on practicality
This is a toy, a kids camera, designed for kids. My kids love it. I don't like the software interface provided for my computer. The installation of the software also changed the way my expensive digital camera interfaces with my laptop. the camera comes in Pink, Blue, or Red so you can choose the color. I would give this a higher final score except for the miserable computer interface and for the way the software screwed up my expensive digital cameras computer interface.

Final Score
2 1/2 stars out of 5

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  1. I wasn't particularly impressed by the camera either. FYI, the camera is pretty much plug and play. On my PC with Windows XP, I was able to use the USB cord to connect the camera and access the pics via My Computer. It will show up as a piece of storage hardware. So I wouldn't even bother with installing the software that came with it.


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