Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Top Cupcake

Product Description
Well for the holidays my family received the Big Top Cupcake. You say big top what?????

It allows you to make one cupcake, a cupcake on steroids, supersized if you will. And as anyone who knows me would tell you, I do like cake. MMMMMMMMMMM.

From the people at

“T he fast and easy way to make colossal cupcakes that are up to 25x bigger than normal size cupcakes! Everyone’s face will light up when you make a king-sized cupcake kitten!”

What It Costs $19.95 + Shipping and Handling. I got mine as a give so don’t know the shipping and handling costs.

Ease of assembly 5 Stars (no assembly)

Ease of use 5 Stars

To use the Big Top Cupcake you first need to pick up some cake mix. We also picked up icing and pudding to put in the middle of our Big Top Cupcake. The instructions are fairly straight forward. Pour your batter into the bottom and top parts and since we were going to fill the center with pudding, we used the special magic center insert.

Actual performance 5 Stars
The Big Top Cupcake is made of soft silicon (just like Pamela Anderson) so no cake sticks to the forms. We followed the instructions and just like in the commercial our cake came out perfect. We added the pudding middle and then placed the top of the cupcake onto the base. We decorated it with the help of our Betty Crocker Cake Decorating. The end result was a fun time with the kids and a delicious snack.

Final thoughts on practicality
Does one need a supersized cupcake? Of course not. But then again, who needs cake at all. The Big Top Cupcake lived up to its infomercial hype. My boys loved helping make the big cupcake and they sure did enjoy eating it! This As Seen On TV item is going to get used a bunch of times.

Final Score
5 stars out of 5


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