Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen. This next contender is new to the infomercial arena. You have seen him on tv... Young, brash, working his way through the ranks. Let’s put our hands together and give a rousing round of applause for our newest infomercial star…..


Okay, so he has messy hair and a cheesy microphone headset. Some have compared him to a boardwalk carnival pitchman. To me that does not matter, as I am interested in his pitched wares. Oh yes Vince, I want your pitched wares.....

I am going to sum up this review up with one of two phrases…. SHAMWOW or SHAM OW!

Sham what you say??? Have you been living under a rock? According to Vince, this fine piece of engineering is straight from Germany and will clean up any spill you can throw at it.

ShamWow will…
Hold 21 times its weight in liquid.
Machine washable and bleachable
Cleans up spills fast!
Lasts for years
Will not scratch surfaces
Great camp towel and dries pets too.

Perfect for the car, boat and household uses!

What It Costs $19.99 + shipping and handling ( I got mine as a gift)

Ease of use 5 Stars
It’s a towel, not a rocket (sheesh how could it not get 5 stars for ease of use)

Actual performance ½ Stars

There I was, at the edge of a deep swimming pool with my brand new ShamWow’s. Out of no where a cry rings out through the air! Help my baby has fallen into the pool and he’s drowning, somebody help!!!! I immediately spring into action throwing my entire collection of ShamWow’s into the pool. Immediately the towels absorb all the water, saving the baby. the mother gently holding her child looks up and says "thank you ShamWow man for saving my baby!!!"

And now back to reality… When you take three dogs and combine them with two young boys you are bound to get spills that need absorbing. I always seem to be wiping up some spill.

Now normally I reach for the paper towels, but now that I have my ShamWow….
I reach for the paper towels after I use the ShamWow.

Vince oh Vince, why, why why? I so wanted these to work wonders. However the reality is that they don’t seem to work any better then any other towel.

Final thoughts on practicality
Practicality is what I was hoping for. A reusable towel that can be washed over and over and over. Unfortunately the product just does not live up to the hype. It pushes spills as much as it absorbs them. Some people claim that these work better after you wash them a few times, if thats true, I will update this review.

I do have one use for my big orange ShamWow towel. I put it under the dog bowel and it keeps my floor from becoming sopping wet.

Final Score
1 out of 5 stars

so I sum this review up with... SHAM OW

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