Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aqua Globe


Around my home I am known as the killer of all plants. I don’t have a green thumb. Perhaps its because I don’t have time in my schedule. Perhaps its because I tend to forget to water my plants and when I do remember, I overwater them. Well last week my neighbor was thoughtful enough to purchase me a house plant as a thank you for watching her pets while she was away on vacation. I guess she was thinking that if I did not kill her cats, then I should be able to keep a plant alive.

Well being that it was a gift, I graciously accepted it and knew exactly what to do. I jumped into my car and went down to my big box store. A brisk walk towards the back of the store brought me to my favorite place… The As Seen On TV isle. Oh the cornucopia of delights that befell my eyes. All my favorite infomercial products right in front of me.

But with little time to spare, I quickly find the product I was looking for…

From the people

“Now, there is a simple and attractive way to keep plants perfectly watered all the times. Aqua Globes the hand-blown glass watering bulb automatically waters plant for up to 2 weeks Easy-to-use Aqua Globes are the most beautiful solution for automatic plant watering ever. Just fill the Aqua Globes with water and insert into the soil of plant. As soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into Aqua Globes, which releases the exact amount of water your plant needs - it´s that simple! Aqua Globes are the perfect alternative to daily watering and an excellent solution to watering plants while on vacation. Aqua Globes the work of art that waters your plants for you! “
What It Costs $14.99 + $7.95 shipping and handling ( I got mine at the store)

Ease of use 5 Stars

Okay so I get my Aqua Globes home and read the directions. I first need to poke a hole in the soil to help make inserting the Aqua Globe easier. Now I have heard of people breaking theirs when inserting into the soil so I wanted to be sure that did not happen to me. Fortunately I had a wooden spoon handy. I used the handle to make a hole in the soil to insert the globe. Once satisfied, I took the Aqua Globe to the kitchen sink and filled it.

Once that was done, I inserted it into the soil and basked at a job well done.

Actual performance 5 Stars

The water in the Aqua Globe slowly is released into the soil. My fern is green and happy.
Final thoughts on practicality
This is a handy product for people who do not like to pay a lot of attention to their household plants. However you still need to remember to fill the Aqua Globe. That’s going to be a problem with me as I tend to forget about my plants. You also don’t want to force the Aqua Globe into the soil as they are a bit delicate and can crack.
You will want to fill your Aqua Globe over a sink as the water tends to not only go in but pour over the outside of the Aqua Globe when filling it.

The other item I would like to mention about the Aqua Globe is its funky design. It’s kinda like a 70s design, a bit funky. That may not match the décor of your room.

All in all, a good product.

Final Score
5 out of 5 stars

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