Monday, December 17, 2007

Air Hogs Havoc Heli

Being a big kid I sometimes get excited when my kids get something that looks cool (something I want to play with). Air Hogs Havoc Heli is one of those toys. My son got it as a gift the other day and it reaches right down into my fun sole.
What it comes with....
One Amazingly Small Infrared Remote Control Helicopter in Red, Yellow, or Blue (each a different frequency)
Flashing Blue LED for Night Flying
Intended for indoor use. Outdoor flying only under ZERO wind conditions.
Full Flight control with up/down and turn right/left
Body is constructed from durable EPP foam
Internal helicopter battery charges from remote control unit
15 minute charge time, 5 - 7 minute flight time
Extra rotor included
Uses 6AA Batteries (Not Included)

What It Costs
I found this online at (free coupon for amazon at the top of this blog!!!). $59.99 + shipping and handling.

Ease of use 4 Stars
The premise is simple enough, a tiny helicopter, that charges for multiple flights.

Actual performance 1/2 Stars
Why oh why do toy companies make flying toys that can’t take any amount of banging. We take the Air Hog Havoc Heli out of the packaging, insert the batteries for the remote control, then plug in the heli to charge. Then we wait. When ready, My son takes control for the maiden voyage. Unfortunately they should have named this toy the Titanic since much like the ill fated vessel, the Heli was not long for this world. It takes off into the air (way cool) and my boys get excited. Then the Heli pitches to the right and flys into the kitchen table. Mortally wounded it drops to the ground. Upon closer inspection, the Heli has little “guides” that join the double blades to each other. One of these guides broke. So I replace the blades and recharge. The Heli again flys!!!! Way cool. Then it pitches into the wall, again dropping like a rock. The guide wire is broken again.

Final thoughts on practicality
Looking at the Amazon URL. I see that you can purchase (hold on to your hats) replacement blades. You would think for $60 they would throw in a few for the price (but they don’t). Toys this expensive should last longer then 5 minutes. Too expensive, too fragile, way cool but not worth it.

Final Score
1/2 out of 5 stars

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