Thursday, September 13, 2007


Product Description

Being a modern day caveman, my little home gets all kinds of dirt. Between the kids and dogs, it’s a wonder that the home stays as clean as it does. Sometimes, I find areas that are hard to clean with conventional cleaning products. Perhaps it’s the bathroom faucet, or the dark lines that form in the grout joints on the shower. Even a worse offender is the glass shower door itself. I can never get the gunk by the shower door handle clean. Well that has all changed with the SonicScrubber.

From the folks at SonicScrubbers use powerful sonic technology to clean even the toughest stains faster, easier and better!

What It Costs $19.95 + $13.98 shipping and handling.

Hold on there. That’s a lot of shipping and handling for this product. However if you order online, you can get a bonus Kitchen and Bathroom scrubber for free (just pay $6.99 shipping and handling). Hmmm, that does not seem free, that seems to cost $6.99 more.

Ease of use 3 Stars

The sonic scrubber has different size heads that attach to the handle. When you turn it on, the head vibrates providing the necessary friction required to remove the gunk and grime. There are different size heads for different uses.

Actual performance 3 1/2 Stars

I was excited when I saw this on TV and eagerly shipped off my money and the product does exactly what it claims to do. However the heads provided are small. They are good for grout lines, and for getting into little areas. The SonicScrubber is not good for covering large areas due to the size of the head attachments. Sure you could clean your entire shower door with it but you would need all day. I also have an issue with using the same cleaning device on a faucit and a more dirty area of the bathroom (you know what I mean). You can get the SonicScrubber with the seperate Kitchen and Bath attachements but I did not due to the free shipping charge of $6.99.

Final thoughts on practicality

This is a specialty tool, designed to get the gunk out of areas you normally could not. If you use the SonicScrubber for those hard to clean areas, then you won’t be disappointed. I was hoping to use it on larger areas, but this is not the tool to clean an entire shower door.

I was disappointed on the excessive shipping and handling charges.

Final Score

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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