Friday, February 16, 2007


Product Description
I must admit, this review came about quite by accident. My wife was getting ready to steam clean our white carpets as our 3 dogs like to make them grey. So there I am sitting at my desk working. My wife has a small bottle of “water” and a toothbrush and is applying the “water” to the spots on the carpet as a pre-treatment before steam cleaning. Now normally I completely ignore this type of activity for fear of being dragged into it. But then she said, “This stuff really works…” My caveman instincts kick in and I let out a UGHHHH? My head turns in her direction and a review is born.

Billy Mays. You have seen him, the smiling pitchman with a beard selling his products on tv. From the website…. Powered by the Air You Breathe, Activated by the Water You DrinkTM.

Removing stains in and around the home just got easier with the new and improved OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. The new formulation works better in the wash and when used as a pretreater, and is more advanced in fighting grass, grease and dirt stains than the original formulation.

Need to tackle stains outside of the laundry room? Living up to its name, OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover tackles over 101 stains on multiple surfaces like carpet, upholstery, kitchen and bath surfaces and even works outdoors on gutters, unfinished decks, and patio furniture. And it’s colorsafe and 100% chlorine-free!

Unleash the Power of OxygenTM.

What it costs $11.99 for 6 lbs of OxiClean (5.99 shipping and handling).

Ease of assembly 4 1/2 Stars
Open the lid and follow the directions adding the OxiClean formula to water, then stir and you are ready to go.

Ease of use 5 Stars
Dab on the OxiClean to the spot and let sit. It’s that easy.

Actual performance 5 Stars
The carpet where OxiClean is applied is bright and white.

Final thoughts on practicality
A good stain remover at a fair price. Shipping is $5.99 but it is a few lbs of weight so that’s not bad. I am not too sure I would use it for my gutters but hey, if you have dirty gutters, give it a try.

Oh and a personal note to Billy Mayes (I’m sure he reads this Blog…), I see you have been advertising some wonder hooks to hang things…. Hooks and weights, that reaches right into my caveman soul. Oh yea, I will be hanging some 50lb weights real soon to see if they can hold. But that is for another review….

Final Score
5 stars out of 5

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