Monday, February 19, 2007

Bacon Wave

Product Description

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, BACON. I love bacon. I love the smell of it cooking. I love the taste of it with my eggs. But cooking it can be messy. From the people…. Use your microwave to make crisp bacon ... Faster, Healthier, Crispier & It Tastes Great Too!

The Bacon Wave is fast, healthy, and with no mess!

The Bacon Wave Cooks Bacon With Less Fat, Less Calories, And Less Cholesterol!

The Bacon Wave Cooks 14 Slices at a Time and is Dishwasher Safe

The Bacon Wave is Stackable, you can cook up to 28 pieces at once!

It's As Easy As...
• Place bacon strips on special cooking rods.
• Serve and enjoy perfect bacon every time!
A cooking guide is included with each Bacon Wave!

What It Costs $14.95 + $(5.95 Shipping and Handling)

Ease of assembly N/A

Ease of use 3 Stars

You need to position each piece of bacon into the bacon wave. Doing this takes longer then throwing the pieces of bacon into the frying pan. One bonus with the Bacon Wave is that you can cook up to 14 slices at once which is more then I can cook in my frying pan. If you have two Bacon Waves, you can stack them and make 28 heart stopping slices of love at the same time!!!!

Actual performance 3 Stars

There is always one problem with cooking bacon, whether it is in a frying pan or in the microwave with the Bacon Wave. Grease! It spatters on the stove, and will also spatter in your microwave. I gave the BaconWave a proper shake down loading it up to it’s full capacity of 14 slices. I popped it into the microwave and started to cook (or is it nuke?). When done, the bacon did come out crisp with the Bacon Wave but was a bit dry. Perhaps I cooked it too long… I also burned my fingers removing the hot bacon from the Bacon Wave (my fault as I just can’t resist hot bacon). As for cleanup, I drained the grease that fell to the bottom of the Bacon Wave and stuck it into the dishwasher (top rack).

Final thoughts on practicality
Finally science has solved one of mans greatest problems.….
With the Bacon Wave you can actually cook bacon with your shirt off.

To me, putting the slices of bacon into the Bacon Wave was a hassle. Being old school, I like arranging the slices of bacon in the frying pan. Also, being a caveman, I like the flame of my stove. Also much like a caveman, I often get my fingers burned making my bacon…

The Bacon Wave allows you to cook more slices of bacon then a frying pan, and that’s a bonus when I have a full table of little cavemen waiting for Saturday breakfast. However, I cook my eggs in the same pan after I cook my bacon so the flavor of the bacon enhances my eggs. With the Bacon Wave I don’t have that option. I also have a problem with the excessive shipping and handling cost of $5.95 as the Bacon Wave does not weigh much.

Final Score
3 stars out of 5

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  1. That's a great idea! You do know what you can do with the grease? Get one of those cars that run off of grease or oil. I wonder if bacon grease works? Or make it into soap. That sounds kind of gross, but it's the best kind out there. I don't do it, but I know someone who does. Takes too much time.


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