Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fix A Flat

Pennzoil Fix A Flat
Product Description
Pennzoil Fix a Flat has been around for many years now and is touted as being a key part of any car emergency kit. Fix a flat give you the ability to seal a tire with a slow leak, and even re inflate it, allowing you to continue moving. As it happens, I received this as a stocking stuffer a while back.

What they claim it does
Fixes a flat tier and re inflates it so that you can drive on it.
What it costs $3.99
Ease of assembly N/A
Ease of use 4 Stars
Simple to add to a flat tire. It can be messy if you do not thread the cap onto the tire correctly. I had the opportunity to use this one raining night. To use fix a flat, you screw the nozzle onto the flat tire and put the button at the top of the can. The can injects the solution into the air nozzle of the tire, filling the tire up. Once you have filled the tire, you need to drive on it. Driving moves the sealant around, enabling it to better seal the puncture. I was able to get back on the road much faster then changing the tire and fix a flat got me home safely.
Actual performance 5 Stars
Final thoughts on practicality
I like this product. It makes a great stocking stuffer. It is recommended that you wear some sort of eye protection when using this product.

Fix a flat is for emergencies only. You still need to have the tire repaired and it is not recommended that you drive around for extended periods with the sealant in the tier.

You should advise your tire person or mechanic that you have used fix a flat so that they are aware when they go to permanently repair the tire. Also this can is under pressure and proper storage and handling is advised.

Final Score
5 stars out of 5

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