Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forearm Forklift

Product Description

I hate moving furniture. I always end up with scratched floors, dented walls and a sore back. So when I decided (thanks to my dog eating my carpet) to install new carpet, I thought to myself… “There has got to be a better way”.

So while I was with the family at the local big box store, I quietly snuck my older son away to go visit the best isle in the store… The as seen on tv isle!

Oh what wonders filled he small eyes. A cornucopia of delights!!! A true father son moment that I am sure he will share with his children.


Forearm Forklift® Lifting Straps

· Ergonomically designed to encourage proper lifting techniques
· OSHA accepted to reduce potential injuries due to heavy & repetitive lifting
· Adjustable up to 48 inches
· Easy to use - instructions included
· Safe - won’t damage floors
· Portable - conveniently stores in drawer, tool box or under a truck seat
What It Costs $19.95 (+ S&H) I got mine at the local big box store.

Ease of assembly 5 Stars

These are straps, no need for assembly (unless you get the extenders – I didn’t)

Ease of use 4 Stars

To use the Forearm Forklift, you need to put the straps under the item you want to move. Then with the help of your partner, adjust the straps to find the correct balance on your forearms and the furniture. Using the Forearm Forklift does help take the pressure off of your back and is much better then trying to hold furniture with just your hands. One neat feature of the Forearm Forklift is that the straps have different openings to insert your arms into. This helps you maximize your leveraging potential.

Actual performance 4 1/2 Stars
Oddly enough, this works best on heavier furniture. It also helps to position the straps correctly. Give a small lift first to ensure the furniture is properly balances (thus avoiding falling furniture.

Final thoughts on practicality

You still need to be careful. Lift by bending at the knees, not with your back. Also you still need an assistant to properly use the Forearm Forklift. Also I highly recommend getting the extra extensions for this. It will be a big help with larger items.

If you are using this on stairs the person on the lower side needs to use the lower slots in the Forearm Forklift. The person on the higher side needs to use the highest slots. This will help keep the item balanced. This is one area where the extensions are truly necessary.

Overall, I like the Forearm Forklift. It helps make a difficult job, less difficult.

Final Score

4 1/2 stars out of 5

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