Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Product Description
It has been a while since I reviewed a child product. Under this years Christmas tree was something new from santa. Bendaroos. From http://www.bendaroostv.com/. Draw with Bendaroos, Build with Bendaroos, Transform with Bendaroos and Decorate with Bendaroos.

What It Costs $19.99 (S&H of $7.99)

You get 250 rainbow colors and 250 neon color Bendaroos

Ease of assembly 5 Stars
There is no assembly required

Ease of use 5 Stars
The hardest part of bendaroos is getting them out of the packaging.

Actual performance 5 Stars
I first thought Bendaroos were just pipe cleaners. However upon closer inspection they are much more versatile. They are kind of waxy sticks that you can bend and twist into shapes (much like pipe cleaners). However Bendaroos stick to glass and walls. They are also reusable.

Final thoughts on practicality
A couple of thought on Bendaroos. First they are reusable. However once my boys use them, separating is not that easy. They do stick to most anything and are easily removed from said stuck surface. At first my boys did not take a shining to these but recently I have been noticing little Bendaroo projects decorating the house.

Now I have not actually seen anyone using them but based on the quantity of Bendaroo art decorating my home, it seems to be a big hit.

Final Score
5 stars out of 5

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