Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Moon Sand

The commercial was targeted to kids on Nickelodeon every 12 minutes prior to Christmas and as a result, was a must have gift for my son.

Product Description
Squish it. Shape it. Moon Sand molds like dough. Your child can create and play for hours and hours and Moon Sand will never dry out! Cleans up easily and won't stick or stain. There are 3 double disc, cool color combination sets to choose from: Planet Purple/Satellite White, Rocket Red/Lunar Yellow and Space Blue/Galaxy Green. Each set includes a 1/2 lb. of sand plus a sand tool.

What they claim it does
Just like play dough but with sand. Plus this never dries out.

What it costs $7.00

Ease of assembly – N/A

Ease of use 3 Stars

Actual performance 3 Stars

Final thoughts on practicality
Well we opened up the sand at the kitchen table. What was I thinking, sand indoors… It's more like stickey sand but still is sand. It's harder to mold then play dough or floam. My son who is 6 lost interest fairly quickly as it was difficult to work with.

Now the manufacturer claims it wont stick or stain and they are correct. But sand is not the easiest thing to clean up. I suggest that this should be used outside on the deck.

Final Score
I know some kids that love it. Parents won’t due to the clean up. I was not impressed and will stick with floam. But since its the holiday season and some kids love it....

2 stars out of 5

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