Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This BLOG will try to provide you with my experiences regarding products sold via infomercials and commercials.

I just love them, Ron P. you are my infomercial hero. George F., I wish you were my neighbor. However, do these products really work. Over the coming months I will review products I find on TV. I will rate them on the following...

What they claim they do
What they cost
Ease of assembly
Ease of use
Actual performance
Final thoughts on practicality

Now where am I going to get these products, I already have many of them. I just can't resist. I can't pass the As Seen On TV store without stopping.

I will be rating them on a 0 to 5 Star Rating (0 the worst, 5 the best). If warrented, I will from time to time update the reviews if its a product that gets constant use.

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